Tippmann TMC Magfed Black + 12oz CO2 Cannister Black

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The Tippmann TMC Marker comes with 19-round magazines that are really easy to load and remove with a built-in mag pull at the bottom. Loading the magazine is an absolute breeze since all you have to do is simply rotate the wheel on the mag’s side which will pull its spring all the way to the back allowing you to load your paintballs. Furthermore, the gun’s mag well is slightly oversized allowing you to be much more accurate with your magazine insertions.

Across the top, the Tippmann TMC Marker has a complete picatinny rail with built-in iron sights so you can be more accurate out there on the paintball field. Also, the gun’s barrel shroud comes with 4 rails that allow you to mount a number of accessories including grips and whatnot.

This marker comes with dual feed option, therefore can be hopper or magazine fed. Moreover, it’s really easy and painless to go from mag fed to hopper fed – simply remove your magazine, bring in your hopper feed neck and slide-in the shorter dummy mag.